Tuesday, 22 May 2018

How to Change the Netgear Router Password on Genie App

The Netgear Genie app has made us easier to change the Netgear Router Password from any device. In fact, you can make any kind of changes using the Genie App. On or upon the whole Netgear settings are now available on your device. Currently, the matter is about changing the password, so, if you have installed the Genie App on your mobile then you can directly go to the next STEP: 2. or if you are not using the Genie App then go to the STEP: 1 to install the Genie App first.


Install Genie App (Leave the STEP: 1 if you have already installed the Genie App)

·        Go to the main browser and type Netgear Genie App 
·        Select the app and click on the install
·       It will take time to install. When installation gets complete, the app will appear on the home screen or in the download section. 
·        Click on this Genie App and click on the Remote Access
·        Click on the Sign Up to get register for Genie App as given in the below image:

·        Remember to give valid email id and password 
·     When registration completes, you can come out and again log into Netgear Genie App giving the email Id and password that you recently used for the Genie App installation.
·     At the bottom, there is a drop down option where you can select your Router model. Enter the Netgear Router Username and Password details that you use to access routerlogin.net

 Thus, your router will connect to your Genie App. 


Change the Netgear Router Password with Genie App
  • ·        Open the Netgear Genie App and go to its main menu
  • ·        Click on the Administration
  • ·        Click on Set Password 
  • ·        Chang the password as:

Ø  Type Old or Current password
Ø  Set a new password
Ø  Type the new password once again
Ø  Click on Enable Password Recovery 
Ø  Save the Settings

Password has been changed. From now, when you access routerlogin.net, you have to use the recently changed Netgear Router Password. Make sure to remember the changed password or update the latest firmware to prevent your router settings getting errors.